A bit about me

Highly skilled in HTML and CSS, I find joy in bringing designs to life on the web. Passionate about learning and sharing my love of the web, it excites me to share my knowledge, empower younger generations to embrace technology and have an opportunity to make an impact on their lives. I have gained valuable experience over the past 10 years and I am committed to continually expanding my knowledge and keeping up to date in an ever growing industry.

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Creating a good design is more than playing with colours and fonts. A strong design is based on researching the needs and goals of the user.


With a few lines of code I can make your website come to life. I make sure your project is optimally usable on any device and meets the latest accessibility requirements.

Maintenance & Support

My work is not over even when the site is live. I provide on-going support and maintenance services to ensure that your website always runs smoothly.

Software & Skills

Technology is always evolving and so should the skills of a web developer. There is always something more to learn and room to grow.

Recent Work

Image of the OPL website
Image of the IJC website
Image of the Cree Health website